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     Once a small but prosperous port on an active trading route, with the richest fishing grounds in many days sail.  The same family had ruled well for many generations, enriching their land with strategic marriages.  Then the youngest son was sent off to be educated in a far away land and returned with a wife.  She was beautiful beyond anyone the land had ever seen.  Tall, slender, hair like darkest night and skin like snow.  She brought great riches with her, including books that only she could read.  The ruler accepted his new daughter-in-law, the deed was done after all, and the riches were too much for a mere mortal to resist.  

     Within months of her arrival troubles started, the older brothers were enamored of the new bride and envy twisted them, quarrels over trivial matters led to harsh words and then blows.  The ruler weakened,   and finally lost his sanity, raving of night visits from monsters, till finally he was locked away in his own dungeons.  Then one after the other the family died, either becoming mad and self-murdering, killing each other in quarrels, or sickening and fading away, Even the children died, until finally the only family left was the youngest son, his bride and the madman locked away in the dungeon.  

     Below in the village dark rumors spread of a curse as the troubles spread down from the castle.  The currents shifted and ships from afar with rich cargoes to be traded no longer came to the port.  Then the fish seemed to vanish, the fleet coming back with their nets almost empty.  The people began to hide behind shuttered doors and windows after the sun went down, the only lights strange glows that streamed from the castle windows and filled the night with a sense of horror.  Strange sounds filled the darkness and the few remaining castle servants fled, bearing tales of perversion and madness.  Most people fled for new homes and the sea rose, covering much of the land with it's waters, leaving only the highland with the castle and the abbey and a small portion of the former port.

     Then one dawn the sun never rose, the people waited one day, than another, but the sun never rose.  Finally the remaining residents emerged from their houses to find the abbey in ruins, the ruler and his son laying lifeless on the altar, drained of all their blood and covered in horrifying cuts, ritualistic looking and in various states of healing.  The castle stood intact, but when they finally summoned the courage to search it, it stood empty, it's halls echoing with the whispers of the dead, no sign of the beautiful bride was ever found.  

     A few souls stayed in the darkened land, and creatures of the dark passed thru, some staying to make it home, craving the constant night.  Then one night lights once again appeared in the cursed, haunted castle......
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Excitement Ahead?

Jolene Merlin, Aug 16, 11 3:01 PM.
There are some exciting plans ahead, within the near future for the lands of Necropolis!

Some Events that are soon to take place... some which may or could very well change the lives of the various Denizens of Necropolis who find themselves within the position to participate!

Keep watching for the Group Notices, as you never know when something might be about to happen!

Mysterious Figure?

Jolene Merlin, Aug 16, 11 2:56 PM.
Recently, a strange and mysterious figure has been seen roaming the lands of Necropolis, proclaiming the worship of an unknown deity whom this individual identifies as a Goddess.

Humanoid though dark skinned and an expressionless face that seems to resemble that of a Squid, the strange figure has been spotted within the Abbey Ruins near a strange shrine that was recently excavated and seems to be an altar of worship dedicated some unknown and very ancient deity.  Whether this shrine is dedicated to the same unknown Goddess has yet to have been determined...

The Mysterious Figure has also been spotted, and heard... within the various catacomb tunnels, possible coming and going from a location deep within the tunnels lowest depths...

The Mysterious Figure has also been recently spotted rapping his staff against the foundation stones of the old Castle, while reciting some strange and... unintelligible words, while the staff emitted some otherworldly, ethereal glow against the stones...

Denizens of the lands of Necroplis have yet to determine what this Mysterious Figure wants, or what it desires...

The Mysterious Figure, has NOT, been spotted within the lands of Mythos, so some believe its interests are only with the lands of Necropolis...

Do you have trade skills?

NecroWebAdmin, Aug 7, 11 10:21 PM.
Make sure you check out the "Resources" tab in the left-hand navigation menu. Here you will find how you can add your skills so that others can request services or goods from you! Perhaps you are a scribe, potion maker, blacksmith, or other profession? Be sure to add that information if you hope to solicit your services!

Our Web Space is LIVE!

NecroWebAdmin, Aug 4, 11 9:36 AM.
Necropolis' Webspace is now active and is ready for use! Stay tuned for updates!
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